10+ Tattoos That Will Speak To You If You’re A K-Pop Fan

By , April 23, 2018 9:57 PM

K-Pop is known for its devoted and intense fandoms, with fans dedicating hours on end of their own time to come up with unique gifts or create beautiful banners, but there are some fans who are willing to take things the extra mile.


1–3. EXO


4–7. BTS




9. GOT7


10. FTISLAND’s Hongki


11–13. Girl’s Generation


14–17. BIGBANG


18. IU



source https://www.koreaboo.com/buzz/10-tattoos-will-speak-youre-kpop-fan/

No One Believed That This 38 Year-Old Was A Legendary K-Pop Visual, Until He Lost 60 Pounds

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Noh Yoo Min was part of an idol group called NRG back in the 1990s and early 2000s.


He was very famous for his good looks and in the recent years have been criticized for how much he has changed since youth.


He became a fat Ajussi with a beard and long un-styled hair.


He boldly proclaimed out of spite that if he were to lose his weight then everyone would go crazy.


Noh Yoo Min was not wrong because his recent weight loss pictures prove his beauty.


He is 38 years old today and fans cannot believe how beautiful he is even at his age now.

“If he was born in this generation and were to go on Produce 101 and even if he was ranked F he would make it to finals because of his good looks”

– Anonymous Netizen



The younger generation may not have know about him but the older generation of K-Pop fans still remember him and his “legendary visuals”.

source https://www.koreaboo.com/buzz/no-one-believed-38-year-old-legendary-kpop-visual-lost-60-pounds/

Study Shows Now Is The Hardest Time Ever To Be A 20 Year-Old Korean

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Young generations of South Korea are struggling to find a solution to their ever-growing crushing debt.


The Financial Services Commission surveyed 1,700 young Koreans adults and found that 16% of Koreans between the ages of 19 and 31 borrowed money, and 11.1% of them can’t repay them in time.


They revealed that the age group was short on money because of the high living expenses and difficulties in finding a job.


College students are spending more than they earn from allowances and part-time jobs, and most already have a large loan out for their tuition.


They usually turn to their parents for extra money, but 34.5% responded that they had no one to ask for financial support.


So they turn to extra bank loans, while some even turn to finance companies and credit cards that have ridiculously high interest rates.


Although the unemployment rate in Korea is 3.4%, the unemployment rate for the 20’s age group is 9.2%.


The serious unemployment rate forced many to take out loans, resulting in a change of the young culture in Korea.


Young adult Koreans experiencing unemployment and financial difficulties live on cheap instant food from convenience stores.


Cheap hobbies have become very popular, such as doll crane machines and coin Karaoke.


With 1,000 won (~$0.90 USD), they briefly escape reality to a place away from their financial and societal stress.


This phenomenon is strongly correlated to why people in Korea choose to prefer an isolated social life.

Anti-Social Life Is Becoming Disturbingly More Popular In South Korea


Although the Korean government continues to research ways to help alleviate the crushing debt, the final solution doesn’t seem to be in sight.


source https://www.koreaboo.com/news/study-shows-now-hardest-time-ever-20-year-old-korean/

Koreans Believe These 10 Types Of Dreams Mean You Need To Buy A Lottery Ticket

By , April 23, 2018 7:57 PM

Go out now to buy your lottery tickets! Because these types of dreams are related to wealth according to Koreans.


1. If a group of pigs are blocking your way.


2. If you have a fully grown radish in your house.


3. If you are soaring through the sky in an airplane.


4. If someone throws poop on your head.


5. If your late ancestors are smiling at you.


6. If a famous person visits your home.


7. If your house is on fire.


8. If someone shoots a bullet through your head.


9. If you witness the birth of a triplet.


10. If you get stabbed with a knife and your body is covered in blood.

source https://www.koreaboo.com/buzz/koreans-believe-10-types-dreams-mean-need-buy-lottery-ticket/

Gangnam Hospital Responds, Following Han Ye Seul’s Horrific Surgery Accident

By , April 23, 2018 5:57 PM

CHA Medical Center, the hospital where actress Han Ye Seul had her lipoma removed and fell victim to malpractice, responded to her social media update blaming the center for not following up with their actions.


In an official statement, CHA Medical Center Gangnam Branch explained, “Han Ye Seul underwent surgery to have a lipoma removed on April 2nd.”

“To make sure there will not be any scar left, our surgical staff cut and removed the lipoma, located where the brassier strap would go, but in the process, a circular burn scar developed in the process.” — CHA Medical Center


The hospital claimed it is doing everything in its power to make sure the actress recovers from the medical treatment.

“The affected area is on the side of her body, below the left armpit. We are trying plastic surgery and other treatment options to make sure it heals perfectly. As soon as the problem occurred, our medical professionals, including the burn center and plastic surgery center, have been working to treat the wound. Han Ye Seul is coming to see the doctors everyday to receive proper treatment.” — CHA Medical Center


CHA Medical Center is said to be assisting Han Ye Seul see burn and plastic surgery department professionals for a full recovery. The center confirmed its plan is, once the burn is healed, to treat the leftover scar separately with the plastic surgery team.

“As soon as the center became aware of the problem, we offered to compensate Han Ye Seul accordingly after the wound is treated and the severity of the damage is determined. We are working with her to figure out how we can compensate her for the losses.” — CHA Medical Center


Han Ye Seul has not yet responded publicly to the medical center’s statement.

A post shared by 한예슬 (@han_ye_seul_) on

We hope everything gets figured out and wish Han Ye Seul a quick and full recovery.

source https://www.koreaboo.com/news/gangnam-hospital-responds-following-han-ye-seuls-horrific-surgery-accident/

MIXNINE contestant couldnt stop crying…until Red Velvet Wendy walked up and did this

By , April 23, 2018 5:57 PM

Yeim, the talented trainee from A100 Entertainment who appeared on Mixnine, has successfully debuted as a solo artist!


Prior to her debut, Yeim appeared on I Can See Your Voice 5 and wowed Red Velvet members, who voted her off as a fake singer, with her beautiful voice!


Yeim performed “Flower Road” originally by gugudan’s Sejeong, dedicating the performance to her mother who is in Japan.


When Yeim got half way through the song, Yeim’s mother’s video message began playing on the screen and Yeim couldn’t control the overwhelming emotions.


Though shaky from her tears, Yeim successfully completed the performance. Red Velvet members and the audience, also in tears, encouraged Yeim and showed support by listening to her song carefully.


Red Velvet’s Wendy apologized for not recognizing her and encouraged her to keep working hard.

“I can relate to her because I’m from Canada and I had to come to Korea alone to train too. I’m even more sorry that I voted her off now. I’d love to perform with her someday!” — Wendy


Later in an interview, Yeim stated Wendy’s words really stuck with her as she prepared to debut solo.

“I still remember Red Velvet’s Wendy telling me she’d like to perform with me someday. After the show was over, Wendy actually came to see me in the waiting room and said sorry for voting me off. She encouraged me and said I’ll succeed. She gave me a hug and offered great advice. I really appreciated that.” — Yeim


Yeim claimed she is grateful for the chance to sing on stage now.

“I’ve given up and felt hopeless countless times before I finally got to sing on stage. I’ll continue to work hard to let people hear my voice and know my name. I promise to become an everlasting, positive artist.” — Yeim


Listen to her latest single, “Meet Me At The Corner” here:

source https://www.koreaboo.com/buzz/mixnine-contestant-couldnt-stop-cryinguntil-red-velvet-wendy-walked/

Han Yeseul Reveals Shocking New Photo After Terrible Burn Accident

By , April 23, 2018 5:57 PM

Han Yeseul has posted a graphic photo showing the suffering she continues to go through due to medical malpractice.

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Late last week the actress revealed she had surgery to remove a lipoma two weeks before, but when the medical team used the branding equipment on the fatty tissue to remove it, severe burning occurred and she was in a lot of pain.

A post shared by 한예슬 (@han_ye_seul_) on

She said at the time that no discussion of proper compensation had been offered even after two weeks of daily treatment.


The hospital released a statement a few days later confirming they would propose a therapy program for additional plastic surgery treatments and compensation for damage since the surgery.

A post shared by 한예슬 (@han_ye_seul_) on

“We are proposing compensation according to the extent of the damage left by the patient’s injury after it is treated, and are discussing ways to compensate.” — Cha Hospital


The burns plastic surgery clinic advised it would be better to undertake further plastic surgery on the site after the injury had healed.

A post shared by 한예슬 (@han_ye_seul_) on


All her fans are praying for a quick recovery with the help of the hospital treatments!

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source https://www.koreaboo.com/news/han-yeseul-reveals-photo-severe-burn-caused-medical-accident/

6 Idols Who Confessed They’re Actually Extremely Lonely

By , April 23, 2018 5:57 PM

These six idols expressed that being an artist is one of the loneliest jobs one can have. Behind their bright smiles, there is a secret and lonely life that celebrities live, and these six idols have shared their honest feelings about their career choice.


1. Girls’ Generation’s Taeyeon

Taeyeon revealed she thought being a singer was one of the loneliest jobs in the world.

She explained that she felt the most empty after getting off stage, especially when she isn’t able to show her fans everything she had prepared over many months.

Another moment Taeyeon feels extremely lonely is when she’s heading back to her empty hotel room after a concert, especially after singing in front of thousands of people.


2. BIGBANG’s G-Dragon

G-Dragon expressed that he also felt the most lonely after finishing a concert.

In a past episode of Happy Together, G-Dragon revealed that all the members of BIGBANG tend to go to their own rooms after a tour.

“It’s really lonely after a concert because everyone goes to their own room afterward. Lots of people think we have huge, fancy parties after a concert, but it’s definitely not like that.”

 — BIGBANG’s G-Dragon


3. BoA

BoA revealed she has had many sleepless nights due to her many hours of practice.

According to BoA, the surge of adrenaline she gets from practicing takes a while to die down, and practicing late at night has kept her awake.

“There are many nights where I couldn’t fall asleep until it became bright outside. Everytime that happens, I feel really weird.”

— BoA


4. INFINITE’s Sungkyu

Sungkyu said one of the toughest things about being an artist is the unpredictability of one’s future.

He revealed that he was always worried about his future, and whether or not he’ll have as many fans with every concert he has.

“Whenever I finish a concert, I start worrying about whether or not the fans will cheer for me as passionately as they did. I keep thinking that I don’t think they will.”

— INFINITE’s Sungkyu


5. Suzy

Suzy realized she was depressed when she was laughing with her friend but suddenly started crying.

According to Suzy, her friend begged her to open up and vent her frustrations so that she could console her.

From then on, Suzy has been confiding in her friend and expressed that she felt a lot better afterward.


6. IU

In a previous episode of Healing Camp, IU said she had a habit of overeating or starving herself when she was stressed and revealed that she once binge ate until she threw up.

“I started not trusting myself and hating myself so I started going downhill. I was listless.”

— IU

source https://www.koreaboo.com/lists/6-idols-confessed-theyre-actually-extremely-lonely/

7 Idols Who Singlehandedly Turned Their Small Agencies Into Global Companies

By , April 23, 2018 3:57 PM

Some of the biggest labels in South Korea didn’t start out that way. It takes just one breakout artist for a label to become popular, and luckily these artists were all it took for their labels to blow up.


1. BoA — S.M. Entertainment

BoA debuted in Korea in 2000 and Japan in 2001 and has consistently been active in both countries. She has been called “Asia’s Star” and is said to be the artist who paved the way for S.M. Entertainment artists to enter foreign markets.


2. BIGBANG — YG Entertainment

Since their debut in 2006, BIGBANG has become a powerful icon in music as well as other areas like fashion.

Many believe that YG Entertainment was able to become one of the top entertainment companies in Korea because of BIGBANG.


3. BTS — Big Hit Entertainment

This list would certainly not be complete without BTS, who has been gaining international attention since debuting in 2013.

Big Hit Entertainment has become much more successful due to BTS’s overwhelming rise in popularity.


4. IU — LOEN Entertainment

IU debuted in 2007 and soared to stardom in 2010 with her release of “Good Day”.

She has stayed consistent in terms of popularity, allowing her company to grow as well.


5. GFRIEND — Source Music

GFRIEND was one of the most popular rookie groups the year of their debut in 2015 and their popularity continues to increase with each comeback.

Their success has allowed their small label, Source Music, to continue to promote them well.


6. INFINITE — Woolim Entertainment

INFINITE has been successful since their debut in 2010.

They have gotten more popular with each comeback and have helped carry their label, Woolim Entertainment, towards the top of the entertainment industry.


7. MAMAMOO — Rainbow Bridge World (RBW)

MAMAMOO is undoubtedly the most popular artist from Rainbow Bridge World.

Since their debut in 2014, MAMAMOO has blown up in popularity and is gaining more fans with each comeback, helping their label get more successful as well.

source https://www.koreaboo.com/lists/7-idols-singlehandedly-turned-small-agencies-global-companies/

BTS ‘DNA’ Is Now The Most Viewed K-Pop Group MV Of All Time

By , April 23, 2018 3:57 PM

BTS are proving themselves to be the kings of K-Pop! The group has managed to break yet another record, as their song “DNA” has now become the most viewed music video for a K-Pop group.


Previously the title was held by BIGBANG‘s “Fantastic Baby” MV. The video was released on March 6, 2012 and throughout the years has garnered close to 348 million views.


While that number of views for “Fantastic Baby” is beyond impressive, BTS’s “DNA” has surpassed 348 million views in a mere 7 months!


Since the news broke, netizens have been going crazy over the amazing news.

  • “‘DNA’ still gets ~1M views a day seven months after its release.”

  • “The boys are breaking records every day, I love them.”

  • “It took only 7 months to do that. A record held by a six-year-old song. Insane.”

  • “King’s of breaking records!”

  • “I’m so proud of them!”


With such a monumental accomplishment under their belt, some fans even believe they could one day surpass PSY who holds the title of most viewed K-Pop MV ever!

source https://www.koreaboo.com/news/bts-dna-now-viewed-kpop-mv-time/

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