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Seeing double – Lee Min Ho and Big Bang TOP

Posted on April 8th, 2009 by sookyeong


And yes, you just have to agree Lee Min Ho looked much like Big Bang TOP with the smoky makeup and eyeline for his upcoming Cass CF.

Thanks to Lizzie for the reminder, here’s another comparison


Lee Min Ho for Cass




Big Bang TOP


Meanwhile here’s Lee Min Ho preparing and recording the CM song for his upcoming Cass CF.

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  1. LOL! I was wondering when this comparison thing would come up…

    Hahaha. Funny thing is, TOP acted as Domyouji Tsukasa in Big Bang’s parody of Hana Yori Dango, while Lee Min Ho was Goo Jun Pyo in the Korean version of HYD. LOL~~

  2. TOP is way cuter :)

  3. lee minho, please stop wearing makeup, you look very scary! aishh. top > minho in this case.

  4. I always though that Lee Min Ho reminded me a little of TOP. Top is still way hotter though.

  5. hmm,, there seems to be a lot of look-alikes these days,,
    ahaha but i definitely agree with the top and LMH one xDDD

    both hoott

  6. top so cute

  7. Why the hell does he apply make up better than girls?! O_O (His girlfriend would either love it or hate it….)

    And they don’t look alike in the face at all. I don’t see this one..

  8. actually wen I saw these pics TOP popped into my mind wen I saw Min Ho’s pics xP

  9. which part r same???

  10. heheheh,
    i think it’s the eyes.
    minho had eye-liner on and TOP’s eyes is because of his eyelashes right? :D

  11. yeah, tabi is way hotter.
    no doubt for that.

  12. Theres never gonna be anyone hotter than TOP!
    TOP is TOP!!! ^_^

  13. they really look much alike, but i don’t think this style fits Min Ho, i want him to be like Jun Pyo. but TOP looks really good in this style!

  14. haha i think some of you are taking this too far. its for the beer cf. its not like hes going to be looking like this every time! i think you guys should give him a break -_-
    im pretty sure all of you dont want to see him as Goo Joonpyo every every every time.

  15. Tapi is so cute :x
    Meow [:x] TOP

  16. Top look hotter than min ho.
    This makeup only suitable for Top not for min ho

  17. LOL, they do look alike. Both look good, but TOP is definitely rockin’ the look more. :]]]

  18. I <3 TOP!
    Minho is cute, too… but it’s not really his personal style, he’s forced to dress like that, lol.

  19. ohman.

    and minho’s smile at the end of the first vid is kinda freaking me out…
    he looks like the joker. :(

  20. wow this is offensive towards TOP.
    im sorry but Lee minho is NOTHING like TOP.
    he has sucha big nose, he is not cute at all.
    i dont get how there’s girls who are dying for him.
    even if i wasnt a TOP fan, i still woudln’t think he is cute. :/

  21. yeah they have their similarities…but TOP os still cuter/better looking.

    but i totally love minho’s height. <333 ^^

  22. i agreee with anonymous,Top is natural and Minho is plastic.

  23. Didn’t they work together for “I Am Sam” ?

  24. lol yeah there’s similarities going on.
    I think they’re both hot, sooo yeah.

  25. i dont really see similarities. maybe cuz when i saw the pic, i thought that Min Ho looks more of Ajoo then Top idk.

  26. top is better!
    way better
    he should have play Go Jun Pyo role instead of Lee Min Ho
    TOP!!! ftw!!!

  27. Gosh sookyeong! You killed me with those photos next to each other!
    They’re both so hot, but TOP works the guy-liner way better, you can fall into his eyes. LMH is just gorgeous.

  28. always thought they looked alike…

  29. the BOF parody was a real hinter.
    but TOP rocks the look more :)

  30. Good comparison…though when i first saw LMH’s cass cf pics, i wasnt reminded of TOP
    But, I think that TOP is so much hotter than LMH.
    LMH’s just isnt my type of guy….haha

  31. No matter what, I still LOVE Tabi more and more… :D

  32. Top’s cuter for sure, but they do look alike. :D

  33. min ho doesn’t match with those make up ..
    it makes him look like a .. erm .. sorry ..
    ghost ..
    it’s different .
    TOP match with those kind of make up perfectly ..
    he looks adorable :)

  34. T OP more hotter..’


  35. Hi, Super post, Need to mark it on Digg

  36. why they were look a like!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  37. Two things

    * T.O.P is hotter and sexier
    * T.O.P did it first

  38. heheheh love u

  39. hi

  40. wew…that’s funny..

    lee min ho is alot way hotter and more handsome than any other guys…
    well that’s my own opinion..
    i have watch lollipop,,and never have any spark for that top..

    i just don’t like him


    lee min ho, the best…

  41. so cool & so cute !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  42. lee min ho is the best!…………

  43. lee min ho man alive………..

  44. t.o.p and min ho you realy fantastic

  45. hhmm..slight .. hahaha. i love them both !!

  46. TOP oppa is cutter than that LMH…( whatever)
    TOP is gorgeous than LMH from the start, you can see it on “i am sam”
    no one like my TOP oppa so plz stop comparing him to that LMH…
    i am a BOF fan but i’m not happy enough to LMH as a GO jun-pio, when i see the BIGBANG hana yori dango parody TOP oppa is mach suitable for the role of JUN-PIO..but its ok ’cause his on IRIS now and he(TOP) was so gorgeous awesome at that drama…
    TOP (choi seung-hyun) oppa FIGHTING!!!

  47. saranghaeo oppa T.O.P (choi seung-hyun) FIGHTING!!!

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